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Sustainable & sensorial

Made in the UK

Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Creating a Selfcare Routine


Often we struggle to create the time to practice it. It becomes an afterthought, something to squeeze into our routines when the moment allows it.

At Soak Sunday we’re all about creating a self-care routine as a ritual. One to be revered, a moment memorialised. From increased productivity to higher self-esteem and feelings of empowerment, selfcare is all about generating good energy and feelings of wellbeing. So, how do you create a selfcare routine that helps you get what you need out of it?

Creating your selfcare routine

Start with setting yourself a goal. Make a mental note, write it down, put it in your journal or simply say it out loud. Whether it’s changing your job, feeling more energised, spending more time on you or sleeping better, visualise the way you want to achieve it. Each morning and evening remind yourself of your goal and set good intentions to work positively towards it.

Self-Care Practices

Now time to practice selfcare, finding harmony within mind, body and soul to help you achieve your selfcare goal, creating your selfcare routine. Here’s some suggestions:


  • Remove yourself from technology a few hours a day
  • Surround yourself with people who stimulate you
  • Learn to meditate
  • Start a new hobby


  • Wake up earlier for a more productive morning
  • Indulge in a soothing hot bath
  • Exercise, from yoga to running
  • Take a cooking class
  • Perform random act of kindness each day

Choose one or two and try to stick to them. Don’t get disheartened if you don’t achieve every goal but work a little more towards perfecting your selfcare routine each day.

The Soak Sunday Selfcare Routine

Preparation: Light a (Soak Sunday) candle. Draw a hot bath. Select a soothing playlist (Cleo’s Paradise on Spotify). Pick up your current read. Breathe deeply and set your intentions.
Intention:  Open your mind. Connect and find yourself in a place of calm. Relaxed, soothed and de-stressed.  

Rose Utopia Botanical Bath Soak
Transform bath time into a moment of tranquility with this botanical soak. Relax with indulgent himalayan salt, soothing lavender and red rose petals, clarify the mind with sage and melt away cares with delicate jasmine.

Rose Utopia Botanical Bath & Body Oil
Indulge body and mind with this sweet almond, jojoba and sage blend. With an infusion of rose petals, lavender and jasmine to relax the senses as nourishing oils envelop your skin in indulgent softness. Pour into the bath and massage into skin.

Midnight Storm Botanical Body Scrub
For a little skin and soul invigoration, detox skin with activated charcoal to draw out surface impurities and uplifting ginger and basil to soothe your senses, whilst the natural formula gently buffs and smooths.

Cleo’s Paradise Transformative Clay Mask
Soothe and calm stressed out skin with this 100% natural kaolin clay mask.

 With gentle yellow clay to draw out impurities and vegan manuka oil, sweet almond, oatmeal and chamomile to indulgently cleanse, de-stress and ease both skin and mind.

Soak Sunday Candles
Rose Utopia: Decadently fragranced to create a paradise of perfection, allow the euphoric aroma of blossoming rose, oceanic sea salt and intoxicating geranium to deliver a sensorial moment to savour.

Cleo’s Paradise: A harmonious marriage of spring flower honey and soothing oatmeal, intricately woven with hints of vanilla, golden-hued honeycomb and gently roasted oats. Light to induce a sense of immortal calm. 

Midnight Storm: Infused with the enveloping scent of invigorating ginger and rooted in leafy emerald notes, wisps of dusky woodsmoke stimulate the soul, detox the mind and activate the senses.

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