A Rose Utopia Recipe

Find paradise lost, indulge your soul’s desire and be transported to a rose garden in bloom.

Velvet petals are caressed by sunshine, heavenly lavender infuses the air, sacred sage grows to be smudged and savoured. 

An Eden dreamt into creation by vision of the Shangri La, a hideaway of idyllic beauty and tranquillity blooms, a euphoric haven to drift and dream in. 

This is Rose Utopia

Rose Utopia Range on light pink background tiles

Preparation: Light a (Soak Sunday) candle. Draw a hot bath. Breathe deeply.

Ingredients: Rose. Jasmine. Lavender. Sage. Himalayan Salt. Geranium.

Allow the euphoric aroma of blossoming rose, indulgent jasmine and clarifying sage deliver a sensorial moment to savour. Nourishing botanicals melt away cares, relaxing body, mind and soul.

SOAK pink himalayan salt. red rose petals. jasmine. sage. lavender.
OIL rose. lavender. jasmine. sweet almond. jojoba. sage
SCRUB rose. lavender. organic sage. sea salt. jasmine.  
MASK pink kaolin clay. rosehip. geranium. aloe. lavender. sage.
CANDLE rose. sea salt. geranium.
SLEEP BALM rose. sea salt. sage. jasmine. lavender.

Directions: Create a decadent paradise of perfection. Time to sink in, time to switch off and savour.

Discover Rose Utopia 

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