A Recipe at Midnight

A smoky horizon heralds renewal and rebirth - shimmering, hazy where Dusk sinks into the seductive promises of the Night.

Lightning streaks the skies and thunder crescendos, detoxing the landscape and unearthing a moment of stillness within the chaos. Peace reigns in the eye of the storm.

As the noise recedes and the tempest plateaus, the soul is stimulated, mind detoxed, body invigorated and senses activated.

This is Midnight Storm.

Midnight Storm

Preparation: Light a (Soak Sunday) candle. Draw a hot bath. Breathe deeply.

Ingredients: Activated Charcoal. Ginger. Basil. Sea & Epsom Salts.

Infused with the enveloping scent of invigorating ginger and uplifting basil to restore your soul and bring balance to body and mind. 

SOAK epsom and sea salt. ginger. basil. activated charcoal. 
OIL ginger. basil. jojoba. almond.
SCRUB sea salt. activated charcoal. ginger. basil.
MASK black kaolin clay. activated charcoal. ginger. basil. caffeine.
CANDLE ginger. woodsmoke. emerald leaf.

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