Cleo's Immortal Recipe

 A tale that echoes through centuries and across distant lands, a beauty whispered through time, stories of a goddess who bathed in milk and honey.

Travel the passage to paradise, practice the ancient rite of Cleopatra, sink into bliss and emerge eternally glowing.

Reincarnate the magnificence of our Egyptian foremothers, the Queens of time immemorial.

This is Cleo’s Paradise.

Preparation: Light a (Soak Sunday) candle. Draw a hot bath. Breathe deeply.

Ingredients: Almond. Oatmeal. Manuka. Everlasting Flower. Chamomile. Epsom.  Coconut.

SOAK epsom. everlasting flower. chamomile. manuka. coconut milk.  
OIL almond. oat. vegan manuka. chamomile. jojoba.
SCRUB sea salt. sweet almond. chamomile. vegan manuka. 
MASK yellow kaolin clay. vegan manuka. oatmeal. chamomile. sweet almond. 
CANDLE spring flower honey. honeycomb. roasted oat. vanilla
LIP BALM shea butter. vegan manuka. olive oil. chamomile. almond.

A harmonious marriage of soothing oatmeal, intricately woven with manuka, calming chamomile, nourishing almond milk and everlasting flower, de-stress your senses and ease mind, body and spirit. 

Directions: Create a feeling of immortal calm. Time to sink in, time to switch off and savour…

Discover Cleo's Paradise 

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