Songs to Soak to

Music. There’s no denying it taps into our being in a way very little else does. Invoking feelings of calm, seduction, invigoration and even love.

As sound waves hit our ears, they bypass our rational thinking, transferring into emotion, touching our souls and making their way to the very core of our being. Music can tap into our most primitive emotions becoming a part of our identity even changing the way our brain chemistry works, stimulating the release of dopamine.

As dynamics, rhythm and texture changes excite the brain, sending shivers down your spine, goosebumps along your arms and tug at your heartstrings we all know music evokes an emotional response.

Looking for an easy way to transform your mood? Cue the music…

The same way the scents, textures and ingredients across the Soak Sunday rage have been created to affect mind, body and soul, music does the same. Which is why we’ve also curated Soak Sunday Playlists on Spotify. With one for each range and a collection of songs we just love to Soak to, strike a match and light a (Soak Sunday) candle, press play, sink in and savour.

Soul stirring & mind transporting, let the Soak Sunday Spotify playlists enhance your bathing ritual…

Cleo’s Paradise

Cleo's Paradise

Soft, melodic and lyrical folk and blues to soothe and calm your soul. From Ferris & Sylvester’s soulful country tones to the bewitching sounds of Fleetwood Mac, Harry Styles hypnotic soul stirrers and Fleet Fox’s harmonious mystic, discover a little piece of paradise and find inner calm.

Listen to the Soak Sunday Cleo's Paradise playlist HERE

Midnight Storm

Soak Sunday Midnight Storm

Ambient chill out vibes to detox and restore. Sink into the soothing sounds of an Ibiza sunset, stimulate your soul and invigorate your mind. A euphoric mix from Tom Misch’s sun kissed electro-soul to Groove Armanda’s synth-rich classics and Jayda G’s infectious sound, let the Midnight Storm take and awaken you.
Listen to Soak Sunday Midnight Storm Playlist HERE

Rose Utopia

Soak Sunday Rose Utopia
Sultry, sexy and soul stirring R&B to indulge your senses and relax your mind. From Solange’s blissfully breath-taking works of art to Frank Ocean’s nuanced songs dripping with melancholic longing, Nao fusing emotive R&B with ‘wonky funk’ and H.E.R’s sultry nostalgia, it’s time to drift and dream in a Rose Utopia.  
Listen to Soak Sunday Rose Utopia Playlist HERE

Songs to Soak to

Genre free songs to enhance your soaking. An eclectic mix from some of our favourite artists. No genre, no theme, just perfect songs to soak to. Think Haim, Lianne La Havas, The Velvet Underground, Tash Sultana, the DMA’s and more.
Listen to Soak Sunday Songs to Soak to HERE
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