The Importance of your Morning Routine

For some, your morning routine may be perfectly planned and meticulously organised, but for many of us, mornings can be rushed, chaotic and a little something like this…hit snooze multiple times, roll out of bed, jump in the shower and maybe grab a bit of breakfast before running out the door or logging on for work.

However, taking a step back and really focusing on honing a ritual which sets us up for the rest of the day is incredibly important for our wellbeing.

It’s been proven that setting a routine to follow each morning not only sets the tone for the day, but is also proven to have a positive impact our physical and mental health. Developing and putting in place good habits is the starting point in boosting motivation as well as increasing productivity and achieving your daily goals.

The recipe for a perfect morning routine:

  • Give yourself plenty of time… and yes that means staying away from that snooze button and getting up as soon as your alarm goes off
  • Movement… get up and get active. We’re not talking about running 10k before breakfast (but if that works for you… great!) we’re just talking about getting out of bed and moving. Be it a couple of quick stretches or a full yoga routine.
  • Take a moment to plan your day… It doesn’t necessarily need to be a full to-do list or a diary planned by the hour. Again, its finding the approach that works for you, be it five minutes to quickly run through in your mind exactly what you need to do that day or a full written down routine. Keeping your mind focused is the ideal start to the day.
  • Morning selfcare to savour…Finally, don’t rush through your self-care routine in the morning, even if it’s a few steps you go through to get you in the right headspace to take on the day. Allocate time to go through your selfcare routine.

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