Here at Soak Sunday, we’re not just about creating indulgent bathing rituals, we do it with a conscience. True indulgence doesn’t have to mean excess, and we strive to be a brand that can provide a truly luxurious experience, whilst sticking to a sustainable ethos. Since launch sustainability has been incredibly important to us, but sustainability is a journey, and we're committed to continuously reducing our impact on the earth. So, we wanted to share our pledges on how we’ll be working even harder to make the most eco-conscious choices possible…

Telling stories through thoughtful design and indulgent experiences, blending luxury with sustainability. This is our Sustainable Promise.

PLEDGE 1: Eradicate virgin plastic from the range by the end of 2024

From launch the majority of our packaging has been recyclable glass, aluminium and FSC printed card, however there are a few items that contain plastic. We have been working hard to eradicate any virgin plastic from our range, excitingly some of which has already brought into production and any remaining virgin plastic in our packaging will be eradicated by the end of this year.

PLEDGE 2: Introduce refillable options where possible by Summer 2024

Thoughtfully designed, our glass and aluminium packaging makes a statement on your shelf, blending luxury with sustainability. One of the benefits of glass is that it’s reusable which is why we’ll be introducing refillable options to a selection of our range offering by Summer 2024

PLEDGE 3: Reduce our carbon footprint and help our customers to do the same from September 2021 - completed!

In honour of our 1 year anniversary, we’ve already launched Carbon Click on our website, allowing Soak Sunday customers to reduce the carbon impact of their purchase as they shop. Customers can make a voluntary contribution that goes towards trusted carbon offsetting projects, like tree planting and renewable energy projects. These trusted projects reduce carbon and drive meaningful impact in communities around the world . We’ll be making our own brand donations to relevant environmental charities throughout the year, as well as helping to educate our consumers on what else we all can do outside of donating to live more sustainably.

Natural ingredients

All Soak Sunday products are made from 100% natural ingredients (with the exception of our scrubs which are 98% natural, the other 2% are made up from dermatologically tested ingredients which enhance the product experience.) All of our ingredients are responsibly and ethically sourced to create an indulgent experience for all to enjoy.

100% Recyclable packaging

Our bottles are made from glass with lids made from aluminium so they are easy to recycle with normal household waste. Our shipping boxes are made from recyclable FSC certified board (meaning the forests they come from are responsibly managed) and they are printed with soy ink (which has less of an impact on the environment and easier to remove when recycled).

Vegan & Cruelty Free

When you buy into the Soak Sunday experience it’s guaranteed that you’re buying into a self care routine that is 100% vegan and always cruelty free. We’re proud to be Leaping Bunny Approved, which means we’ve been independently audited by the Cruelty Free International organisation to ensure our standards go above and beyond legal requirements. We proactively monitor all of our suppliers to maintain our high standard and are independently audited on this.

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