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Sunday Rituals with Petrina Jade Brooks ~ Fashion & Beauty Influencer

Words and Imagery by Petrina Brooks @petrinajadebrooks
Petrina Jade Brooks

It’s Sunday - I awake to the sound of nature as a swarm of birds gathers for their morning pastimes. As I snuggle my feet into my slippers and slip on my robe - I ponder, “what should I do for the day”, and promptly decide today is time to sink in, switch off and savour the day. I head to the en-suite for a morning shower. Un-tying my robe, the lingering botanical smells of Soak Sunday’s Rose Utopia Sleep Balm reminds me of last night’s sleep. Not wanting it to end, I take my Rose Utopia Body Scrub in with me and slowly buff it into my skin. With my skin now feeling soft and supple, I moisturise using Soak Sunday Rose Utopia Body Oil and watch as it melts in leaving a glow of golden-brown skin, I relish in its aromatic aroma.

Breakfast is a simple selection of seasonal fruits. After an hour or so, I place down my Sidney Sheldon book and decide its’ time to start my day of total relaxation. I reach for my Journal… my pen hits the paper and whisps and joins to create words and paragraphs. By 1pm I have written a small novel that holds my feelings, thoughts and expectations for myself - no pressure. The rumble in my belly tells me it’s time to nourish the soul. I wonder into my domain and rustle up a quick smoked duck salad, I pour myself a glass of Whispering Angel and venture on to the balcony for an afternoon of reading.

By 4pm the lake is filled with birds from all wonders - spring has truly arrived. Ducklings are in abundance and I watch as the duck schools glide across the solemn lake and squirrels leap from tree to tree securing their collection of nuts in secret hide outs. I step into my abode and the smell of dinner brings a smile to my face…. we are being a little indulgent today and a feast of freshly purple sprouted broccoli, oyster mushrooms, lamb and crispy garlic and parsley roasted potatoes, bless my plate – we find a movie and continue to revel in the delights of a bottle of Mudhouse.

As dusk sets in, we decide to take on a Sunday walk. Being a city girl, I am always excited to go on urban explorations. The joys of nature have always played a heavy role in my life, I find it emits a sense of calm and tranquillity - something that London life does not. Luckily for me my Eden is not that far away. As we walk through the brash spring winds, every now and then our faces are caressed by the fading sun. The passing allotments are bathed in its amber light, showing of the display of herbs and greenery. Entering the park, we decided to go off the beaten track. We come across fallen tree branches and sombre squirrels. We find a little spot by the bank and watch the mesmerising waves across the calming waters. Huddled together we joke and laugh; we are forever grateful of our view.



Stepping on to my balcony I let the cold wind brush against my face. Warming my hands with a cup a green tea I watch the glistening ripples of the lake that surrounds me.  I notice a pair of swans majestically glide along the lake surface with their brood of cygnets, in tow. My eyes trace to the freshly bloomed roses and pink blossoms falling to the ground. Wanting to continue this Sunday dream I decide to light my Soak Sunday Rose & Sea Salt Candle the fresh scent of geranium and rose fills my bathroom. Between a shower and a bath, I choose the latter. Wanting to indulge in my self-care delights I reach for my Soak Sunday Bath & Body Oil with sweet aromas of lavender, Jasmine, sage and sweet almond oil this creates the perfect zen experience. Sprinkling in my Botanical Bath Soak, an array of carefully selected natural dry ingredients such as red rose petals and pink Himalayan salt, I slowly get lost in this aromatic tranquillity. My mind wonders back to my care free childhood and the distinct aromatherapy oils my mum would keep on her dressing table. As the qualities of infused sweet almond oil nourishes my skin, I enter a state of Nirvana and my stresses are but whispers in the air. I am content. Soak Sunday is really bringing back bath time.

As the day progresses and night falls, I decide to prep my skin for the week ahead. I start my skincare routine with a double cleanse and then a light mix of just under and teaspoon of Rose Utopia Transformative Clay Mask with water and apply the light paste to my face and décolletage. With grounded rose petals and pink kaolin clay and rich in Silica, this clay improves skin elasticity, cell renewal, evens out my skin tone and promotes a radiant complexion so my skin will be more than ready for its next onslaught of early mornings and school runs… luckily a Soak Sunday spa day is never too far away.


What does Sunday mean to you?

My late mother always stated Sundays were a day of rest, for me it means a day of total relaxation. I usually awake before 9am and light my candles. I savour the deep aromas of geranium, eucalyptus and purifying sage filling my humble abode. I always try do a yoga or pilates online class. A stark change for my weekly HIIT sessions. I find movement helps strengthen my mental stability. Most Sundays I tend to focus on exercises that balance my energy, mind and soul, so my Ying and Yang are just as in tune as my skins’ PH balance. Sundays aren’t only about me, between the perfect Sunday roast and family zoom calls, my daughter and I also tend to indulge in our favourite skincare products and oh we do love a face mask… I’m currently loving Cleo’s Paradise transformative clay mask. We always have fun mixing our little concoction of Kaolin clay and purified water to apply to our faces. Whilst for my little one this is all fun and games, I take my skincare a little more seriously. Sunday movies in the Brooks household are usually repetitive, I can watch Jurassic Park on repeat which is fitting as terrestrial tv has an amazing obsession with its’ sequels - I’m not complaining. As the day comes to an end, I apply my Soak Sunday sleep balm and watch the sunset over the lake - the fusion of lavender and sage helps bring back fond memories and reminds me of how grateful I am to experience such tranquillity in the bustling metropolis we call London.

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