The Importance of Practising Selfcare

Self Care
the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.


Whether it’s physical, emotional, relational, or spiritual - self-care and well-being reflects the way that we take care of ourselves. In today’s world finding a moment of peace and time for self-reflection can be a challenge. Somehow simply taking care of ourselves has become a thing to get round to when we have time, rather than something to be prioritised, ritualised, savoured and practised.  

For us, self-care invokes a moment of stillness, where the outside world dissolves and the mind, body and soul unite.

Studies prove that when we don’t take care of ourselves mentally, we’re more likely to feel fatigued and show physical symptoms , such as stress-related headaches.  When our own well-being appears first on the ‘to-do list’, we have more energy to do what’s important to us.

Here at Soak Sunday we believe in prastising self-care with intention, making small and purposeful efforts to boost your mood. From making sure you sleep enough to spending 10 minutes every morning and evening that’s for you and you alone.

Here’s our favourite ways to practice self-care…

  1. Allow your mind, body and soul to recover. By that we mean sleep. Set your room up with good intentions for peaceful dreams. Switch your phone off at least an hour before bed and wind down with a good book. Candle lit and sheets fresh, allow your mind, body and soul to recuperate.

  2. Do what you love. Identify a few things you love doing then plan them into your life. When the time comes romanticse the experience, indulge in it slowly and take pause. At Soak Sunday we invest in making bathing an art… We fill our baths with restorative salts, swirl them with fragrant oils, strike a match and soak in candlelight.  Skin is smoothed and selfcare indulged in.  Not just a simple soak, but a ritual to be revered. Find the thing that calms your soul and indulge in it. (We recommend a Soak Sunday… of course.)

  3. Many moments of peace. Finding a moment of peace throughout the working day can sometimes feel impossible- the stress of a morning commute, the double shot of caffeine buzzing through your veins, a flurry of emails and that underlying atmosphere of urgency that flickers through the air. It’s important to give your brain a pause and practice mindfulness, especially when you’re busy. Make it simple, get yourself a glass of water hourly, stroll at lunch, send a message of love to a close friend. These mini breaks are the perfect way to refresh body and mind.
  1. Be Kind, to yourself and to others. A transformative act of love and respect, studies prove that being kind to others significantly improves our wellbeing. Even simply witnessing an act of kindness triggers the production of oxytocin (lowering your blood pressure) and actually being kind triggers serotonin (generating feelings of happiness.)
  2. Be mindful. From practising breathing techniques to yoga, meditation or positive thinking, mindfulness is the energy that helps us recognise feeling of content and happiness. Focusing on the present and being in tune with your mind, body and soul, can be a liberating and soothing way of practising self-care, allowing us to see ourselves in a truer light.



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